Graphology Grammer

A few grammer words about graphology, most comes from English Language B AQA text book

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Iconic Signs

An iconic sign is a direct picture of the thing it represents, although this is often simplified to provide a basic reference for the reader. 

Iconic signs tend to be simple ones offering a straightforward representation of what they stand for.

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Symbolc Signs

These draw on association or connotation (see later slide) that creates a certain symbolic meaning.  This would have either a negative or positive reaction to the reader and makes the symbol more memorable. 

This can be seen in charity logos:  For example, the amnesty international logo is of a candle wrapped in barbed wire.  The candle symbolised hope and light whereas the barbed wire is associated with war and restrictions.

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White Space

Space with no writing on it – this can reflect formality and age audience.  Leaflet and posters will have more white space because it will make it a more attractive text to read easily.

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Mast Head

The title of a newspaper or magazine at the head of the front or editorial page

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Devient Spelling

Deviant spelling is spelling which deviates from the standard spelling of words such as in ‘Kwick Fit’.  This makes the company more memorable.

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How a text works together as a whole – Layout, use of pictures

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The psychological or cultural association of a work or, in the case of graphology, how a picture ‘speaks’ to the reader.  Don’t forget to put how the author would want the reader to be affected.

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The different Font, Size, Colour and shape can emphasise points – this can be seen in power texts.

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Connor Wright


Good bank of word meanings here, but for an English Language resource it's chock FULL of spelling mistakes...

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