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This is when the designer tries to reduce any unnecessary packaging, energy and waste during the manufacturing stage and also tries to reduce the products ecological footprint and carbon footprint during the whole of the product’s lifecycle.

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This is when a product is re-used again for the same or alternative purpose.


REMEMBER: Re-using something is the same as primary recycling.

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 Primary Recycling: is the same as re-using a product as explained previously. Secondary Recycling: is when you cut pieces of material from the product or use components of it without altering its chemical properties and then you use it for a new use.  Tertiary Recycling: is when you alter the chemical properties of a product or a part of a product in order to re-use it in another product.

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With unnecessarily over-packaged cases That are toxic or have toxic chemicals in them Have been transported along way Have a large carbon footprint Aren't environmentally friendly throughout their product life style Aren't morally or socially acceptable Aren’t economically viable

may all be refused by customers.

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Designers need to think about how to improve the products performance at doing its function and also making it more environmentally friendly, more socially and morally acceptable as well as more economically viable for the company and the consumer. They also need to think about how to utilise the materials and parts of another product for the product they are designing after they have became waste and without a use.

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 Straighter is expensive to repair and it is about the same price or cheaper to replace it, so it may as well be replaced  Furniture may be easier and cheaper to repair as it is more expensive to buy a whole new set and more difficult to find just one individual replacement piece that will match the design of the others

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This isn't really graphics, it's al technology as it just covers the 6r's

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