Grammatical words to use for Speech questions:

A few grammatical words to use when evaluating scripts or transcripts

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Adjacency Pairs

An utterance and response commonly seen together:

A: How are you?

I'm fine thanks you?

Use in Sentence:

The beginning of the transcript starts with an adjancency pair that shows their familiarity...

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Colloquial Language

Language of speech - slang/common speech:

A: Init

B: Gonna

C: Wicked

Use in Sentence:

The use of colloquial language may reflect the sociolect within the group...

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A statement - can be written or spoken:

A: Its so warm in here

B: That's so cute

C: I'm not doing that

Use in Sentence:

The declarative at the end of the speech shows that...

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Missing out letters - reflects accent/texting:

A: Goin

B: o'course

C: u no

Use in Sentence

The elision made by person A...

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Missing out words - Texting:

A: want to? - Missing out 'you'

B: What you mean? - Missing out 'do'

C: Alright? - Missing out 'Are you' or 'Is that'

Use in Sentence:

This ellipsis emphasises...

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False Starts

Starting again to correct yourself - Sign of unrehearsed speech:

A: Hi...I mean Hello

B: It's not like...what I mean is

C: It's like...It's like

Use of false starts:

As speaker A false starts, you can see that...

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Words used to fill spaces, or 'erm' and 'um':

A: Kinda

B: Like

C: And stuff

Use in Sentence:

The lack of fillers show that this is rehearsed...

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Not being assertive:

A: Not being funny but

B: No offence but

Use in sentence:

Speaker B hedges which may show that they do not know speaker A enough to be rude...

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Paralinguistic Features

How you look while speaking:

A: Facial expressions

B: Hand movements

C: Emoticons - :P

Use in Sentence:

This image shows that the speaker uses a lot of paralinguistic features such as...

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Phatic Talk

Small talk:

A: Nice weather we're having

B: What a lovely dog, what is he?

C: Where you going on holiday?  Anywhere nice?

Use in Sentence:

The phatic talk shows that the speakers are not familiar with each other...

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Positive Language

Positive reinforcement to show that your listening:

A: Ah

B: Yes I see

C: I agree/disagree

Use in Sentence:

As speaker A uses a high amount of positive language we can see that she is not the dominant speaker...

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Pre-planed speech:

A: Political speeches

B: Open day greetings

C: News reports

Use in Sentence

As this text is a script, certain features will not apply...

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Tag Questions

Questions added to the end of a sentence:

A: I think we should go skateboarding, do you?

B: I'm going swimming, do you mind?

C: I'm not cold, are you?

Use in Sentence:

Tag questions are a sign of uber-politeness 

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Written record of a conversation - unrehearsed:

A: Interviews

B: Recordings

Use in Sentence:

A Transcript means that...

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