Grammar Module 9


Fifth declension

nom.    res                                        

acc.     rem

gen.     rei

dat.      rei

abl.      re

                             Note: res re-i       stem ending in -e is distinguishing feature

nom.    res

acc.     res

gen.     rerum

dat.      rebus

abl.      rebus  

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'Special' 1st/2nd declension adjectives

alter         altera         alterum

alterum     alteram      alterum

alterius     alterius       alterius

alteri         alteri          alteri

altero        altera         altero    Note: only difference in gen. and dat. sing like interro. pron.)

alteri         alterae       altera

alteros      alteras       altera

alterorum   alterarum   alterorum

alteris        alteris        alteris

alteris        alteris        alteris

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Present Deponents

ending sets

-(o)r   (deponent verbs add an -r to the end of the what-would-be present active form)

-ris      (add a -e- for the 3rd deponent conj.)




-ntur   (extra -u- for 3rd and 4th conj.)

imperatives: sing. is -re, plural is -mini (just like 2nd person plural)

infinitives: add -ri   (except for 3rd, 4th, and 3/4th conj.  which it just -i!!!!!!)

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