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  • The vocal part ranges over 2 octaves and sometimes sounds improvised.
  • The falling vocal phrases reflect the sadness of the song.
  • Most of the word painting is syllabic although there is the use of mellisima on certain words.
  • There is word painting on the words “fire” and “love”.
  • In the bridge there is vocalization when he uses falsetto
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Harmony and Tonality

  • The piece is written in  E minor although it is often ambiguous.
  • The intro focuses on the chord of D and the key only becomes clear halfway through verse 1.
  • Chromatic chords move in parallel motion.
  • There is dissonant harmonies.
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1) Intro - Verse 1 - Pre chorus - Chorus

2) Link - Verse 2 - Pre chorus - Chorus

3) Middle 8

4) Link - Verse 3 - Outro

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Rhythm, Metre and Tempo

  • The time signature is 12/8.
  • There is lots of syncopation used.
  • The vocal melody is rhythmically free.
  • There is the use of cross-rhythms.
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  • Vocals
  • Guitars(in drop D tuning)
  • Bass guitar
  • Synthesiser (used to thicken texture and add effects
  • Strings
  • Drum kit. 
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  • The synthesiser strings drop in and out to add effect and vary texture.
  • The texture thickens throughout the piece, especially in the coda.
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Use of Technology

  • There is modulation on the synthesizer at the start of the song.
  • There is the use of distortion and flanging on the guitar.
  • Also, the use of EQ in the final verse.
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