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Unit 2- Constitution

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A codified constitution is a set of rules/ gudelines put in place to restrict Parliament and stop them breeching Civil Liverties, also availiable to the greater public. A constitutional law is higher than any other law.

An uncodified constitution is the opposite, it is not written in one single document but found in a variety of places, statute law, common law, codes/ conventions and EU law.

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For/ against an uncodified Constitution


It is flexible

An alternative may be worse, in America where the constituion is codified judges hold a lot of power, judges are unelected and socially unrepresentative.

A reform is unnecessary


Civil rights are not currently presented

GVMT is unerestrained

can result in elective dictatorship

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Changes to UK constitutiobn

1997 Devolution to Scotland & Wales

1998 Devolution to N. Ireland

1998 Freedom of information Act

1999 Reform of House of Lords- abolition of hereditory peers

2000 Human rights act

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Proposed Changes

Electoral voting system

Further reformation of HOL

Perhaps a fully elected 2nd chamber

fixed term parliament

more powers to scotland

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