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ocr RE philosophy paper 2- good and evil

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What is Good and Evil?

Good: something that is morally right, virtuous or honourable. It promotes the welfare of everybody

Evil: something that is morally wrong, wicked or extremely bad. It intentionally causes suffering.

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Christian Beliefs-God

God is the source of all goodness

  • Humans are created in His image and should try to live like Him
  • They should follow the 10 commandments

They should avoid evil & obey God. If they do this, they will go to Heaven and be with Him for eternity after death.

To do this they...

  • Read the Bible and follow its teachings either literally or non-literally. Especially parables as they are stories for how they should live.
  • Listen to their conscience which they believe God gave them. It is improved by Christian upbringing and regularly going to Church. (some say conscience is just upbringing)
  • Have faith in God.
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Christian beliefs-the Devil & Evil

The Devil: an evil supernatural being who opposes God and tries to lead humans astray. He is the source of all evil

  • some blame him for suffering
  • non-literal believers might believe he is symbol for someone's fight between good and evil.
  • Bible describes him as a real figure "I saw Satan fall like lightening from Heaven"

The Our Father says "lead us not in to temptation and deliver us from all evil"

  • Evil is the result of not following God
  • Christians must avoid evil as well as do good "Evil persists where good men do nothing"
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The Fall: when Adam and Eva ate the forbidden fruit and rebelled against God. This cause separation between God and humankind.

  • There was a state of innocence before the fall.
  • Now, humans are born in to a broken relationship with God.
  • Christians need Salvation( being saved from sin and Hell to be with God)

Original Sin: The state of sin in which all humans are born with a natural tendency to choose evil instead of good.

  • without Redemption (through Christ's death our forgiveness and salvation have been bought) there is no hope of eternal life with God.
  • Christians believe redemption is God's plan for restoring the relationship.
  • people ask for forgiveness to restore the relationship. In the Our Father "forgive us our trespasses"
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Evil and Suffering

Moral Evil: evil caused by humans

Natural Evil: evil caused by nature

Why Christians believe there is evil and suffering...

  • necessary part of life- a challenge
  • the people who suffer the most now have the most to look forward to in Heaven.
  • Light and Hope came from Jesus' suffering- we will get the same
  • we suffer because of sin like how Adam and Eve were punished at the fall.
  • God gave free will so its people own behaviour as the cause
  • God suffered too in losing His son.
  • As a test of faith like Jesus being tested in the desert and the story of Job.

They believe God is loving and omniscient- He knows when His people are suffering

"cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you"

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Following Jesus' example

Christians believe they should follow Jesus' example for moral behaviour (living in a way which is right and good and upholds moral rules). He...

  • made perfect decisions.
  • was kind and patient even when people weren't in return
  • spent time praying and asking God for help
  • was always honest
  • put God before material things
  • sacrificed His life.

Summary of all His teaching:

The Golden Rule: "treat others as you would like to be treated."

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just to let you know: its the "Lords Prayer" not the "Our Father"

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