Good and Evil: Key words

OCR GCSE Religious Studies B Topic 4 Good and Evil key words :)

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Good and Evil: Key words

Conscience: An inner voice or feeling giving guidace on the rightness or wrongness of behaviour

Free will: The belief that God created humans with the ability to make moral choices

Golden rule: Jesus teaching the people that they should treat others as they wish to be treated themselves

Job: Biblical charater whose faith is tested

Moral evil: Evil and suffering caused by people

Natural evil: Evil and suffering caused by natural events e.g. earthquakes

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Good and Evil: Key words

Omnipotent: Powerful, able to do anything

Omniscient: All-knowing

Original sin: Brought into the world at the Fall and which Christianity teaches everyone is born with

Redemption: The idea that sins can be forgiven and a person can be redeemed. Jesus is referred to as the Redeemer as he died for the sins of the whole world

Sacrifice: Giving up a life for God

The devil/satan: a supernatural evil power

The Fall: the disobedience of Adam and Eve resulting in their expulsion from Eden

Theodicies: Arguments justifying why there is evil in the world if God is good

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