Cards about good from the unti B602 - Good and Evil for OCR GCSE Religious Studies.

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The word good

The word good can be used in a variety of different ways. Similarly, it is not always easy to pin down 'moral goodness' to a single simple conclusion.

Sometimes it is debatable as to whether an act is actually good or not and different people may have different opinions on what is the 'right' thing to do in any certain situation.

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Focuses in situations

If someone focuses purley on the OUTCOME of someone's actions, they are said to be a CONSEQUENTIALIST. In contrast, some people look at the INTENTIONS someone held before they acted the way they did. These people are INTENTIONALISTS.

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Moral goodness

Moral goodness = 'an action which brings about more happiness than suffering, which may/may not conform to one or more moral codes' - usually leagl or religious

Jews believe, G-d absolutely good, always protects them because promises made in the convenats.

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