What is it?

gonorrhoea is sexually transmitted infection 

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  • Vaginal discharge which may be an unusual colour and texture/thick yellow or green 
  •  problems urinating /pain/burning sensation 
  • tenderness/pain in lower abdomen 
  • heavier periods than usual
  • bleeding between periods/irregular periods 
  • rectal pain  if she practices anal sex 
  • sore throat with fever if she practices oral sex 
  • pain during sex 
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  •  caused by bacteria 
  • through unprotected anal/vaginal/oral sex 
  • through sharing sex toys without protection or cleaning
  • • passed from infected mother to child 
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  • treated with a (single) dose of antibiotics ) 
  •  as an injection
  •  as a pill 
  • some strains are antibiotic resistant 
  • In this case a combination of two antibiotics is used 
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Physical impact

On the indivdual 

  • if untreated it could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) 
  • infertility/damage to reproductive system
  • long term pelvic pain 
  • higher risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • could get arthirits 
  •  inflammation of the prostate gland

On the family 

  • could suffer with the same symptoms their partner  
  • fatigue 
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Intellectual Impact

On the indivdual

  • may be unable to concentrate at work
  •  become more educated about STIs, safe sex and gonorrhoea

On the family 

  • may feel sorry for their partner 
  • blame themselves if they the one gave it to them
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Emotional impact

On the indivdual 

  • embarrassed  
  • worried about impact on fertility 
  • stress
  • down
  • upset  

On the family 

  • anxiety 
  • feeling devastated 
  • worried- you might think that because they have it, you might 
  • depressed
  • emotionally detached from their partner 
  • angry- if they been diagnosed with gonorrhoea
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Social Impact

On the indivdual 

  • they may become withdrawn from friends 
  • isolate themselves

On the family 

  •   feel distant to their partner because of the disease
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Financial Impact

On the indivdual 

  •   Cost of tests
  •  Cost of treatment
  •  Could impact on work through sick leave or the need to take time off work to be treated
  •  Cost of buying condoms 

On the family 

  • might have miss work for day for appointments, testing and treatment 

  • might have to go on the sick pay if they catch it 
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