A resource is something we use which has a purpose. The 3 main resources which are substantial to human developmant are: foodd, water and energy.

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Demand On Resources

The demand for resources is rising due to the increase in population and the increase in economic development. This means the wealthier countries become, the more resources will be consumed.

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Resources are mainly distributed in EDC's such as China, however, LIDC's such as Mexico are extremely low on resources. Therefore, rendering the global distribution of resources inequal.

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Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity is the maximum number of species that can be supported on our planet.

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Factors Affecting Development

Some factors affecting a countries access to resources are conflict (causes damage to agriculture), poverty (lack of money to afford pesticides or other foods) and natural hazards (destroys infrastructure and agricultural land).

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Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide produced during growing and transporting the crops to the market.

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Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is when people have insufficient nutritious foods to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Food Miles

Food miles is how far away the food is imported from other countries.

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We import many things such as clothing, food, and wine. We do this because it is often a better quality and better tasting.

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Water Deficit

A water deficit is where the demand for water is greater than the supply.

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Food Supply

To increase food supply we could reduce food waste, use fertilizer more sparingly and efficiently and target the food for direct consumption.

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South Sudan

The South Sudan famine was caused by the countries lack of stability and conflict. This meant that the agricultural cycles were disrupted, resulting in the famine. Emergency aid was sent to the country, however, it wasn't enough so eventually countries started sending seeds and tools so they could rebuild the land.

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