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Rama (and Sita)

  • Very simular in looks as Vishnu and Krishna
  • Represented as a standing figure with an arrow in his right hand, a bow in his left and a quiver on his back
  • Often accompanied by his wife Sita Laksmana
  • Talik mark on his forehead
  • Dark complexion - shows his affinity with Vishnu and KrishnaA great favourite amongst Hindu deities
  • Regarded as the perfect avatar
  • Seventh incarnation of Vishnu
  • Represents sacrifice and brotherhood

  • Associated with the story of the Ramayana
  • Remembered in
    Dussehra - the victory over Ravana
    Divali - Rama and Sita's homecoming
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  • Son of Shiva and Parvati
  • His tusk is bent to remove obstacles
  • His four hand represent the four varnas
  • Regarded as God of good luck
  • Painted red
  • Protuberant belly
  • Four hand
  • The head of an elephant with only one tusk
  • Ganesh was molded from clay by Parvati to guard her bathroom door
  • Shiva came to her one night and was refused entry by Ganesh
  • Shiva was so angry and he cut of Ganesh's head
  • Parvati was distraught and demanded Shiva to fetch the head of the first animal he sees with its head facing North - He returned with an elephant
  • This is why Hindu's do not tend to sleep with their head facing North
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  • Meaning 'daughter of the mountain'
  • Second consort of Shiva
  • The perfect wife and mother

  • Half of Shiva - balances his passive and reclusive nature
  • Parvati was always a devotee of Shiva and engaged herself in meditaton
  • When she grew up she performed severe penance in the forest in order to secure Shiva as her husband
  • Although she was born human, through hard penance she became the consort of Shiva and was known as 'The Great Goddess'

  • Symbolises power
    • Some believe she is the source of all power in the universe and that Shiva gains his power from her
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  • Meaning 'Aim' or 'Goal'
  • A beautiful woman
  • Golden complexion
  • Four hands
  • Depicted sitting or standing on a bloomed lotus bud - represents beauty, purity and fertility
  • Goddess of wealth and prosperity
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  • Meaning 'inaccessibe'
  • Riding a lion
  • Holding many weapons
  • In one of her lower arms - a tuft of hair belonging to the demon
  • Often described as mother of the world with her prominent breasts associated with fertility
    • There used to be a demon buffalo named Mahishura
    • Mahishura earned the respect of Shiva through meditation and was blessed with a power, which was that no man or deity could kill him

    • Mahishura began to take advantage of this power and began to kill mercilessly and even drove the Gods out of Heaven

    • These Gods went to Shiva for help and as Shiva was unaware, he was very angry
    • Shiva's energy in his third eye and energy from the Gods created a woman who could defeat the buffalo - Durga
    • She attacked the buffalo, riding on a lion
  • Mother of the universe - Supreme power of the supreme being
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