Godfrey's fateful silence- Chapter 13

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  • Hopes his wife is dead
  • Guiltily decides not to identify Molly+ his child-> would cost him Nancy
  • If Molly dies, he will be free to marry again
  • The child can be cared for, and he will reform by marrying N
  • Makes an excuse to see the dead woman
  • 16 years later remembers every detail of his dead wife's face
  • Pleased yet sorry that his daughter can't recognise him
  • Feels better after giving money to S for E's keep
  • Controls his feelings
  • Praised by Dolly Winthrop+ brings her to S's cottage
  • Ironic-> his motive is to make sure M is dead; not tender-hearted to disown his child 
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The guilty secret

  • The separate stories of S+ G meet when S accepts the child+ G rejects her
  • Eliot stresses that G recognises his duty as father to the child through reference to his mental struggle
  • Selfish+ weak-> prefers to marry N+ chooses to disown the child
  • G's actions to those he should love- wife+ child-> in a sharp contrast to Dolly's
  • Puts herself out for a stranger in need
  • Can be relied on to help
  • Demonstrated the villagers' sense of community
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