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God the creator

The Judaeo- Christian concept of believe God causes the universe to exist.

  •  God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and existing at every moment.
  •  'In the begining God created the heavens and the earth'. Genesis 1:1.
  • Belief in God centres around God creating the Earth.
  • In the story, God's 'breath' moves over the earth and shapes it.
  • God commands there is light, darkness, sun, stars, moon, fish in the sea, birds in heven, animals on land and people.
  • God brings all to being.

Genesis 2- God creates people- Adam and Eve.

  • God walks in the 'cool garden' and this gives God anthromorphic quality
  • In Isiah, God is transcendent from us as he is described as having the power to reduce princes to nothing. This shows God has control.
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God the Craftsman & place in creation

God the Creator is compared to a craftsman and this is seen in Job 38 where God is described as a designer who laid the very foundations of the Earth, decided its dimensions and supported the pillars on what the Earth stands.

  • God is pictured as being in control of the sun and moon and responsible for existence
  • In Genesis 2, God is making Adam from dust is likened to a potter shaping clay, which gives athromorphic quality
  • God is in control when he banishes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden

Creatio ex Nihlo- is good for Christians as it fits in with the big bang theory

Human beings place in creation

  • Humans are superior in creation
  • Humans are at the top of hierachy and God gives humans a privelleged place in the world.
  • Gensis 2 is specifically concerned about the place of human beings.
  • Belief in God the creator is that he puts humans in charge of creation.
  • 'Made in the image of God' indicates rationality and the prospect God is like a human
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Genesis, Omniqualities

Genesis can be seen literally or as a myth

  • Remember the universe in 4.5 billion years old
  • There is a chance Genesis orginated from Syrian origin

The Omniqualities of God

  • Omnipotence- 'Have you an arm like God' God's power works creation. Aquinas says this is doing anything logically possible.
  • Omniscence- All knowing like the limitless power of God
  • Omnipresent- Liked to omnipotent and omniscence. Job says God is everywhere, from the gates of  death to the animals and stars
  • Unique- completely different. The Bible is not interested in explaining why concepts are like this
  • Other explanations than God
  • Theists say God can not be compared to a car designer, God has made natural laws which is a reason to why earthquakes exist.
  •  Scientific approaches say the universe exists as a fact, it has nothing to do with God.
  • The problem of evil is also a factor- why doesen't God interefere?
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