God as Creator

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God as Creator

Key words & concepts:

  • omnipotent
  • omnipresent 
  • omniscient 
  • omnibenevolent 
  • transcendant 
  • immanent
  • creatio ex nihilo
  • creatio ex deo

Bible texts: Genesis 1, 2 and 3 - clearly show creation's dependence on God. Also Psalms and Book of Job. Biblical writers never question God's existence.

Creation is a deliberate act of God. 

God is supreme creator of all existence and life 

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  • Creation narratives are vital for the whole relationship between God and humanity
  • Different traditions in different parts of the world seem to share common themes - why Christian creation myth sounds like the Babylonian's 
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Genesis 1:

  • Written from priestly tradition
  • Formulaic style
  • Repeated phrases
  • Divine command - 'let there be...' etc
  • Creatio ex nihilo is assumed (no explicitly explained)
  • The origin of the world was no accident 
  • God made everything - everything He made was good
  • Highest creative act was humanity
  • Humans are given the job of stewardship
  • Created in God's image 
  • Given the 'breath of life' - souls
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Genesis 2 & 3:

  • Older than Gen 1
  • Focuses on people
  • God in relation to His people - shows immanence 
  • Written in more narrative style
  • Describes God anthropomorphically
  • The human race is the centre of creation (anthropocentric) 
  • The Fall in Gen 2 explains why creation is imperfect 
  • Theme of a Creator God is developed throughout the Old Testament in Psalms and Job
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The Book of Job:

  • 'If God is good, why does He let innocent people suffer?' 
  • Job loses possessions, family and suffers greatly, shaking his faith (dysteleological suffering)
  • God intervenes and in seeing God, Job's faith is restored because he trusts God
  • 'God is almight, far away and above humanity' - God is seperate from the world and divine in ways we are not
  • God is also 'near, He hears and He cares' - God listens and intervenes when necessary 
  • Job realises he has not right to question God's actions because God created everything 
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  • 'God sets man above all other creatures' - Psalm 8 
  • 'The grandeur, the detail, the perfection and the completeness of God's work in creation' - Psalm 104
  • 'The sun is like God/all pervading rays' - Psalm 19
  • 'God is the sustainer' - Psalm 19
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Liberal and Conservative views:

Liberal view of the creation story:

  • Babylonian influences
  • Torah was based on the writings of J, E, D and P. Priests edited existing texts to create a cohrent Jewish text to keep faith strong amongst the exiled Jews

Conservative view of the creation story:

  • Torah was written by Moses before the Babylonian exile
  • Babylonian religion is clearly polytheistic whereas Judaism is monotheistic 
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Comparisons with Ancient Greek concepts:


  • Non-corporeal
  • Pure
  • Eternal
  • Intelligible
  • Unchanging


  • Dualism/different worlds
  • Characteristics such as anthropomorphism
  • Judeao-Christian God is personal and worshipped
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