God as a phsycological or sociological construct

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God as a sign of alienation

God as a Phsycological construct.

Feuerbach: The concept of God as a father figure or law giver.


God as a sign of alienation- he has emerged from within us, a projection of our basic nature.


We are seperated from our true identity by projecting this attribute into God. We lose our humanity by worshiping an unreal God.

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God as a Phsycological need

 God as a phsycological construct.

Our ancestors found security in an often dangerous and violent world by creating the concept of God.

Even today in moments of crisis people become more religious and take solace in religious rituals or prayer.

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Religion as an instrument of the ruling classes

God as a sociological construct.

Both Marx and Freud believe God is a human construct. 

Rich: Religion benefits the rich.

Poor: Religion pacifies the poor. 

        -  Promise of an after life = 'opium of people'.

        -  Following God promises people better things.

        -  Taught not to complain as suffering is party of 'God's' plan

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sociological alienation

God as a sociological construct.

Alienation: Religion has alienated man from true nature (work, rest, then play). Man worships God in hope of betterment.

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