Goal Setting

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Goal Setting


Identify what you need to develop and why.

Meeting your training needs.

Make sure that you know exactly what you need to achieve for next time.

A specific goal would be - I would like to be able to swim 10 25m lengths of a swimming pool without getting tired, I would like to achieve this in 6 weeks.

A non-specific goal would be - I would like to be able to swim for longer without tiring.

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Goal Setting


Making sure that you will be able to measure you progress.

Give details that will help you know whether you have achieved your goal or not.

Is your goal easy to measure when it comes to testing yourself again?

A measureable goal would be the same as the specific goal as on there, there are specific details that are easy to measure for when it comes to testing your fitness levels again.

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Goal Setting


You need to make sure that your targets are set for the right difficulty for you so that you can get the best results.

They also have to be achievable for the amount of time that you have.

An unachievable goal would be - I would like to be able to win the next womens Wimbeldon final and be one of the youngest people ever to win.

This is unachievable one, because it is unrealistic, two, it really isn't acievable considering I can't play tennis, but it also has a bad time zone.

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Goal Setting


Make sure that you goals are realistic for you and your fitness level.

You should have all the equipment required to fulfil your goal and your should have the time, money and facilities to complete the goal.

My non-achievable goal on the previous card was also not very realistic as I don't have the equipemt, the money, the coaches or the facilities to be able to complete the goal. It also isn't realistic due to my fitness levels as i wouldn't be able to run around as much without getting tired let alone playing the most effective shots.

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Goal Setting


Give yourself a deadline that is realistic and you would be able to stick to.

There isn't any point in giving yourself a unrealistic time bound as you will then lose self-confidence if you don't fulfil the goal.

If you know you will only be able to do one training session a week then it isn't realistic to give yourself a two week deadline to be able to run 10K if you couldn't even run one mile without getting tired.

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Goal Setting







Time bound

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