Glossary of words - Religious Studies

If you take Religious Studies short course, you should learn these words as they are probably likely to come up in the exam.

The words were copied out of a textbook so are reliable.

Unfortunately I only managed to get to 'polytheism'so these aren't all the words and there could've been more than we needed.

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Glossary A-Z

Abortion: An operation to remove the foetus from the womb, resulting in its death.

Absolute morality: Beliefs and moral codes that are set and never comprimised by circumstances.

Agnostic: Somebody who is not sure whether God exists or not.

Atheist: Somebody who doesn't believe in God.

Big Bang: The scientific theory that the universe began with a massive explosion.

Commitment: A promise.

Compassion: Caring for God and sympathising with others.

Conscience: Our inner voice that tells us right for wrong.

Conscientious objector: A pacifist who refuses to fight in a war.

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Glossary A-Z (2)

Discrimination: Deliberately and unfairly treating somebody badly.

Equality: Fairness, people being treated equally.

Evolution: The scientific idea that life on Earth has formed over many years into the forms we see now.

General revelation: An indirect experience of God, for example through observing nature.

Holy war: A war where the fighters believe they have been instructed by God.

Immanent: In relation to God, that He is close to us and involved in everyday life.

Impersonal: In relation to God that He is disntant from us and not directly involved in our lives.

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Glossary A-Z (3)

Just war: The Christian idea that sometimes it is right to fight in order to prevent further evil.

Justice: Fairness.

Miracle: A unseemingly impossible occurance, usually good.

Monotheism: Belief in one God.

Pacifist: Someone who believes that all war is wrong.

Personal: In relation to God, that He is close to us and involved with our everyday lives.

Polytheism: Belief in more than one God.

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