What is globalisation? How is it changing people's lives?

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Globalisation is the many ways in which places and people are becoming more closely linked. Culture, population, politics and environment is spreading and changing on a worldwide scale.

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Distribution of product origins

     The majority of complicated electronics, e.g. iPods, projectors, video players and phone batteries etc, are made in the Far East (China, Korea, Indonesia). This is because there are no export taxes and there is a huge workforce, many of whom are willing to work for reasonably low wages. As a result of this, expensive goods can be made more cheaply in these countries.

     Much of the convenience foods, e.g. chocolate, crisps and flavoured water etc, are made in Europe. They are reasonably cheap to produce here, as are maps, textbooks and SOME batteries, TVs and clothes.

     Ugg boots are made in Australia because of locally sourced materials and higher morals (instead of them being made in a Chinese sweatshop).

     More goods are produced in LEDCs, like China, than in MEDCs, like the USA, because of cost efficiency.

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