Globalisation - Advantages and Disadvantages



What is globalisation?

The movement of people, goods, services and culture around the world with few/ no barriers


  • People around the world share their culture - increases harmony
  • People are aware of what is going on in the world
  • More jobs are created as a result of TNCs in developing countries = major key player in globalisation


  • Cultural erosion e.g. only 25% of Cornwall actually speak Cornish
  • Pollution from the transportation of goods and services
  • People exploited by TNCs e,g, "Nike" in Vietnam
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Global Flows

Global Flows are anything that moves around the world

Goods: commodities (raw materials), things we buy in shops (this increases carbon footprint)

Capital: the flow of money around the world e.g. remittances, banks and government aid

Information: transferred between business and people e.g. the use of the internet and social media has made the world more connected 

People: people travel to other countries in order to go on holiday. Or migrants go to other countries in order to work

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The success of one place depends on the success of others. Different industries from different parts of the world work together in order to make their business successful

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Different types of globalisation

1. Economic globalisation - the flow of money around the world, the growth of TNCs around the world. This also involves the spread of investment around the globe and the growth of world trade.

2. Cultural globalisation - involves people increasingly eating the same food, wearing similar clothes, listening to similar music and sharing familiar values. Many of which are western origin. The country has become more westernised.

3. Demographic Globalisation - involves the movement of people around the world, because of an increase in tourism, populations are becoming more diverse.

4. Political Globalisation - takes the form of the dominance of western democracies. It also spreads the view that democratic consumerists are the most successful e.g. China.

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