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motor sport valley

small industrialised region with global links

  • location- valley between north hampton and oxford next to silverstone race track
  • global links- near cambridge university so willing workers
  • good transport links e.g. m40,m1 and heathrow so materials are transported
  • silverstone race track so cars can be tested
  • 8/12 F1 teams located there so cars can be driven
  • motor sport valley employs 40,000 workers and 25000 engineers
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Indian call centres

impacts of technology on outsourcing work

  • location- bangalore, india
  • cities population doubled to over 5mill since 1980
  • internation companies locate there e.g. IBM
  • 40% software exports from bangalore
  • 1000 software companies in the city
  • TNCs locate in bangalore because labour costs are lower by 40-60%, 10% of india speak english fluent,900m above sea level means pleasant climate to work in
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wimbledon tennis ball

globalisation of a product

  • the product is made in 10 different countries
  • phillipenes- bataan factory 
  • loughborough uni- testing
  • malaysia- rubber
  • basilan- glue
  • gloucestshire- cloth
  • idonesia- tins
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example of a TNC

  • headquarters located in tokyo
  • Biggest producers of cars
  • in 2016 £11bill in profit was made
  • toyota manufactured in the uk as it had a large market
  • supplies 250,000 in 26 different countries
  • earns £62bill a year
  • located in 170 different countries
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salad bowl of europe

impacts of increaed demand for agricultural products

  • location- costa del sol in spain
  • environmental impacts-out of season so more food miles= more fossil fuels e.g apples harvested in september and are stored which uses lots of energy
  • social-places like kenya using lots of water to grow flowers using the water than the town needs, the locals get paid little
  • economic-growing cash crops has improved the farmers quality of life and the local economy
  • political- conflict cased by amount of water obtained from rivers e.g. the nile conflict between egypt, sudan and ethiopia
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growing flowers in kenya

impacts of increased demand for agricultural products

  • fertilisers wash into water and pollute it
  • niver ngrio has no water
  • massai tribe struggling for water
  • 500000 kenyans rely on flower growing business
  • agcricultural sector contributes to 25% of kenyas GDP
  • chemicals sprayed cause bad chest diseases if in enhaled
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an example of rapid industrialisation

  • location-china in asia
  • became industrialised due to the three gorges dam creating energy 22,500mw for country 
  • 2015 bejing olympics attracted tourists
  • growth of home market 
  • shenzen is a special economic zones allowing TNC to locate without tax
  • TNCs locate tere cos minimum wage is much less than britian e.g only £70 monthly in bejing
  • workers can work up to 80 hours over time
  • relaxed safety regulations e.g. workers handle toxic materials like mercury.
  • prohibitation of strikes in all china federation of trade unions
  • tax free zones that allow no tax for 2 years eg shenzen
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london array

example of renewable energy

  • located in thames esturary of north kent coast
  • aim is to power 1/2 mill homes and reduce co2 by
  • 900000 tonnes a year
  • 175 turbines
  • 87m above sea and 120m wide
  • designed to run 20+years
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