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What is Globalisaton?

Globalisation is something thats recognised or known worldwide, products ideas and religions have been globalised as theyare recognised and known throughout the world in different socieities.

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How is religion globalisations enemy?

as religion is globalisatons biggest resistance, religion can act as a haven for those opposing globalisation as it stays true to a socieites traditional norms and values.

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why dont secularisation and religion coexist nicel

Becuase globalisation flattterns out clutural difference, it erodes local traditions, customs and beliefs and presents a secular way of life at odds with religion, globalisation is mixing all traditions so they dont mean anything.

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How can globalisation negativly affect someone?

It can lead them down the 'path of terror' which is where a person feels lost and feels they dont have a unique identity, this may be because globalisation has taken away the meaning of a religion to someone. the path of terror occurs when radicalism and fundamentalims is turned to because they feel lost in a cosmopolitatin world,

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does religion help globalisation?

religion has been described as the origninal globaiser as the major religions have spread around the world through war, colonisation, migration and emigration. Globalisation in short refers to the idea that the world has become a smaller place and is now more interconnected.

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What did Weber say?

religion and religious ideas led to the economic development of western courntires, which laid the foundation for a moderised, technologically advanced society.

if it wasnt for the work ethic, the western countries would be ecenomically behind.

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What did nada say?

globalisation has created a scientifically educated middle class in india, modern day example of the protestant ethic, the fact indiain people are so religiou it acts as fuel for india becoming the fastest growing economy.

religiosity is a result as their uncertainty towards their new found wealth in a contemporary globalised world.

hinduism has created a ultra-nationalism with 90% of indians agreeing with; our people may not be perfect but out culture is superior to others. they have a sense of national pride within its followers which creates a hard working force.

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What is the protestant ethic?

this is work ethic.

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what does berger say?

looks at pentecostal churchs and what they teach is helping their economies grow, especially in latin america, through hard work and discipline and commitment, just like webers ptrotestant ethic.

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ingrediants for economic development

religion and hard work

material conditions- do they have the right materials to do this.

normative conditions- social normals, are they the kind of people that value hard work.

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