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  • MNS use there size, power, brands to limit choice and dominate
  • only a limited number of brands have a successful established global presenc

Marketing stratagies - a medium to long term plan

Intended to achive the companys goals

  • companis objectives it must also be achievable
  • customer requirement and take into acount, market potential,
  • activities of competitors company resources, and external factors

It involves the 4 ps Types of stratagies [ ANSOFF]

  • price
  • product
  • placement
  • promotion
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  • Clearlying entering international markets adds risk
  • language culture and taste differences make market development harder
  • the more different the culture the more risks
  • risks are minimilised by carefully research in to the characteriss of the loal marker
  • cooperatiin with existing local firms will reduce risk

Price discrimination

  • may be suitable and profitable, given the widely diffewrent purchasing power of consumers
  • but be prepared for leakeage/seapage
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fixed costs in more productive activities encourage business to make and sell more

  • fixed costs can be spread across more units so avergae cost fall
  • prices need to be attractive to customers

Global niche - comining niche markets and selling globally...internet?

  • even if demand is too low in one country, the make production and sale worthwhile,
  • combining niches across acounties and or continents can change the postion
  • to make production and sale attractive
  • not only just good for 'rare music' but also rare diseases, disabilities
  • low cost of internet marketing
  • ebay facilitiated development of global niche
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