Global Development

Criticsms of Depedency theory:

  • Ambigous - unclear what is meant by metropolis or satellite nation
  • Ignores soem of the positive ffects of colonialsm
  • Struggles to explain development beyond that experience by colonial powers
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Criticisms of dependency theory

  • Ambiguous

- Unclear what is meant by 'metropolis' and 'satellite' nations

  • Impact of colonialism

- Ignores the positive effects of coloniaism on the Southern Hemisphere

  • Dealing with development

- fails to offer any realistic advice on fomurlating stretegies to over come poverty

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Criticisms of Modernisation theory

  • Ethnocentrism

- Assumes that Western models of capitalism are the best

  •  Over simplification

- oversimplifies the causes of poverty and the solutions, assumes that underdevelopmentis natural - ignores external factors

  • Environmetal harm and sustainability

- May not be desriable for the South to follow the same way of development as the North - rapid accumalation of wealth could palce strain on resources - can't be maintained in the long term

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Criticisms of Neo-liberalism

  • Economic Idealism

- It has romanricised the nature and effect of the free market - assumes liberalisation wil benefit the South as it did the North - may not be an entirely free markey as rich countries adopt protectionist policies

  • Misattribution

- Makes mistakes about the root of poverty and development - missatribues economic growth in the NH - Britain did not ahve rich nations breaking them out of poverty

  • Negative effects of structural adjustment

- focus on cash crops produces  a glut in the market - producers can't compete with TNC's - Privatisation means people can't acceass public amenities - deregulation leads to exploitation of workers

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