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  • Ring on Maximus's finger - shows that he is devoted to his wife(marriage)
  • The Children laughing - shows his son is always on his mind
  • The change in the way Commodus looks as the movie progresses shows an increase on how 'mental' he is turning (whiter face, darker eyes)
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Technical Codes

  • Caption at the beginning of the movie - gives you a background on where the movie is set.
  • Captions when entering Zucchabar shows where Maximus is heading off too.
  • When Maximus falls asleep in Spain and wakes up in Zucchabar it fades into black as if he is sleeping.
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Cultural Codes

  • Snow and Robins in winter shows that Germany is cold and like Winter
  • The sun shows that it's sunny and that there is a change in weather conditions.
  • The Romans are dressed in uniform
  • The Gladiators are tall, tanned and muscly.
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Denotation and Connotation

  • The ring on Maximus's finger shows of his devotion to his wife and Marriage
  • The Red Robin is associated with Winter and Christmas
  • Wearing his wedding ring and the focus on it shows his commitment to his marriage
  • Robins only appear throughout Winter therefore it must be winter when a Robin is shown.
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  • Fast music through Maximus's journey heading to Spain shows of the rush he is in to get there.
  • There are bright colours when Maximus dies and finally gets back to his family
  • There is a typical genre of music playing when Maximus reaches Zucchabar
  • The Captions at the beginning of the movie help set the scene.
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  • The genre is an action/thriller with slight specks of romance briefly between Maximus and his wife
  • There are obvious shows of Genre throughout the film
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  • The marriage and devotion - adds some reality to the film
  • The conotations give some background on the movie
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  • The story is told from Maximus' point of view showing mainly his thoughts and feelings
  • The story is given from Maximus's perspective
  • The film is a disruption from the life Maximus used to and now wants to live but is now living a life he doesn't want to be living.
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