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Some Key terms

  • Abrasion- a process of erodsion where moraine carriedby the glacier, wears away the sides and floor of the valley
  • Moraine- the rock carried by the gtlacial
  • Plucking- A process of erosion where glacial ice freezes onto rocks and, as it moves away, pulls large pieces of rock with it
  • Ice age- 2 million years of ice on earth the current ice age is pleistocene
  • Glacial- 10,000 years of ice
  • Interglacial
  • a glacial which is at high altitude is known as a vally Glacier. Where as a glacier at high lalitude is an ice cap.
  • Freeze-thaw,water gets trapped into small cracks, as the water freezes it expands causing the rock to crack open more, and eventally rock is shattered and pieces fall off

how do glaciers move?

mainly move in summer, by basal slipage, when the base of the glacier melts from the sun or geothermal heat. The melt water allows graverity to move the glacier down the mountain.

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Formation of a corrie

  • Snow collects on a mountain side abd is compressed into ice
  • Freeze-tghaw weathering affects the back of the hollow and makes it steeper
  • Blocks of rock are pulled away from the back wallby plucking
  • The glacier uses the loose rock to scrape out the bottom of the hollow by abrasion
  • The grestest pressure from the ice is at the bottom of the back wall because of the rotational slip movement
  • This result in a deep hollow, with a steep back wall and rock lip at the front
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