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  • Form: dramatic monologue, using caesura to mirror natural speech, the first 4 lines have a repeated structure and the poem begins and ends with rhyming couplets
  • Structure: the narrators tone is calm and controlled at the begining, the tone changes to deperation and sarcasm - shows the breakdown of the narrators pride
  • Sarcasm: the narrators sarcastic tone suggests bitterness at the help they receive
  • Entertainment Imagery: The language of the entertainer contrasts with the reality of life in the streets - shows the narator will do anything for money
  • Images of wealth: lack of money is emphasised as the narrator frequently mentions valuable things
  • Pride: to start with the narrator seems quite proud and doesnt want to directly ask for help
  • Desperation: at the end of the poem the narrator reveals the hopeless situation they are in
  • Bitterness: the narrator is angry at the insufficient help they receive 
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Louise Jones


Thanks for posting you revision card on the poems for charcter and voice. They have really helped me to extend my answers :).

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