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Saitz et al 1972- Gestures

Aim: Saitz et alwanted to compare the use of gestures in the usa, Colombia and four African countries

Method: Onservations were made of the gestures used in these cultures

Results: 65% of the gestures used in Noth America and 73% of those used in Colombia were also used by the four African countries. Pointing,shrugging,nodding the head, clapping etc

Conclusion: Many gestures are universal or at least are the same in a wide variety of cultures. They may have envolved to serve a certain function for example Darwin suggested that head shaking (no) may have envolved from babies at the breat shaking their heads away when they have had enough.

Evalution: + Cross cultural studies are extrememly useful for investigating the origins of behaviour and in judging whether they are innate oor learned

- There are many different cultures and subcultures world wide. so looking at small number does not always indicate whether behaviour is universal. Many isolated cultures have not been looked at in detail.

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