Germination - A2 Biology

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Germination - A2 Biology

There are three factors which need to be present in order for Germination to occur

  • Suitable temperature- which is optimum for Enzymes used
  • Water- transport and activation of enzymes
  • Oxygen- for respiration and ATP formation

Food mobilisation

Stores of food are often in soluble so water potentials are not aletered , at germination they are broken down so that they can be taken the the meristems of the plant. The radicle is the young root ansd the plumule is the young shoot , this grows in a hooked shape in order to prevent damage form soil abrasion. The plant must be planted at the the correct depth else the food stores will not last as photosynthesis needs to occur once these food stores have been used up. Food stores are called cotyledons and they contain endosperms. A plant may have one or two of these. 

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