Germany's reactions to Treaty Of versailles.

They were horrified. They didn't feel as if they had started the  war but begrudgingly signed it. They didn't feel they lost the war, only stopped to create peace. They felt they should have been invited to the Peace Conference so they could discuss there punishments, has they had no influence on the treaty. 

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Germany's reactions to War Guilt and Reparations

Treaty Of Versailles

They didnt feel they were to blame for starting the war, but signed it anyway. Didnt feel like they lost, they just stopped to create peace. They felt they should have gone to the PAris Peace Conference as they felt that they had no influence on the Treaty that they had to obey. 

War Guilt and Reaprations

The country hated how they had to pay for the damge, the country was bankrupt, in ruins and many people were starving.


They resented losing so much of there army, navy and air force. A real loss of Pride. Allies werent following the fourteen points as they didnt reduce there armed forces as much as Germnay had to. This angered them even further. Hitler used this to his advanatge in the 1930s. 

German Territoires 

A loss of pride. Some germans had to live under foreign rules. The Saar was taken over by France. German colonies were taken over by Britain, France and Japan.  

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