Germany (Hitler)

Hitlers Rise to power

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Munich Putsch 1926-29

The beer hall putsch was lead by Hitler but was soon crushed and Hitler was arrested.

  • it was a success as it got the Nazi party and Hitler reorganised.
  • gauleiters system was put in place.
  • Hitler wrote mien Kempf in jail were he was sentenced to 5 years but served 9 months was a light sentence.
  • produced the 21 point policy which gained him much seccess.
  • he change his tactics and decided to entre politics and but his opponents through this.
  • this give him time to prepare and be ready for the chance to take over power.
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Use of the SA

the use of the SA allowed the Nazis to have a tough image.

  • in contrast with the weak Wiemar government made them look strong as a new government.
  • this appealed to young people and get then to join.
  • militaristic appearance appealed to right winged parties.
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  • Hitlers personality:
  • orato (good speaker)
  • toured country in planes.
  • used loud speaks in rallies.
  • speeches were put on radio and TV so everyone could here it.
  • his policies targeted different groups:
  • workers- work and bread.
  • army- tear up treaty of versaille.
  • women- family values.
  • farmers- promised high trade prices.
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W.S.C 1929- Great Depression.

  • Loans that had be got from America were now wanted back.
  • Unemployment rose to 6 million.
  • 20,000 business were bankrupt by 1931.
  • 5 Major banks closed.
  • There became a sudden drop in agriculture prices.
  • There became an increase in the Nazi vote from 2.8%to 25.8%
  • There were also an increase in votes for extremest votes eg. communist KPD.
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Political intrigue

it was said that Hitler was help into power by other people in the governmentsuch as Von Papen who convinced Hindenburg to allow Hitler to become chancellor and he would be Vic and control Hitler.

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