Germany At War, 1914-1918

The home front

The Soliders' war

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Germany At War

Less than a year into the Great War people complained about it.

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Germany At War

Early summer 1915, around 500 women stood outside Reichstag and were promtly surpressed by the police, no newspaper printed about this ad they only spoke about wanting their men back from the trenches and prices if food.

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Germany At War

In 1916 anti-war demonstrations were getting bigger even though they were illegal. Germans fed up with war and suffering were fed up with anti-war speeches made by communists and socialists.

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Germany At War

On May Day Reosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht entered the square, greeted with cheers. Liebknecht's voice rang out 'Down with the war! Down with the Goverment! and police rushed at him. The ice was broken.

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Germany At War

British ships blocked Germany's ports, preventing food from entering the country. In the winter of 1917 it was too cold and the hard frost destroyed the potato crop, forcing most people to like on turnips.

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Germany At War

German civilians were being starved and so were the armed forces when the rations of sailors in the german fleet was cut in 1917 they started a mutiny.

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Germany At War

Many soliders in the army also had hatred in their hearts, there was little glory in fighting. Trench warfare mean't living in teh muddy trenches with fear being blown up by shell-fire or being choked by poison gas.

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