Germany 1918 -1945

Weimar Constitution


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The Treaty of Versailles 1919

TOV 1919


100,000 Soldiers. 6 Battleships. No Airforce. No Conscription. Rhineland demilitarized


£ 6.6 Billion in reparations.


Colonies given to Britain and France as Mandates

Rhineland demilitarized. Saarlaand run LON - Plebiscite in 15 years.

Independence for Baltic States. Danzig = Free City run by LON


Article 232 "War Guilt" - Germany to accpet blame for the War.

Germany forbidden to join the LON.

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Spartacist Uprising 1919

The Spartacist Uprising 1919

Led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Wanted a Communist revolution like Russia.

January 1919 the Spartacists set up Soviets in many towns. (Soviet = Council of Workers)

Ebert asked the Freikorps (ex army soldiers opposed to Communism) to put down the rebellion

Bitter street fighting between the Spartacists and Freikorps

Luxemburg and Liebknecht are arrested and murdered.

Ebert's use of the Freikorps led to a split in the left between Social Democrats and Communists

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Kapp Putsch 1920

The Kapp Putsch 1920

March 1920

Leader = Dr Wolfgang Kapp

5000  Freikorps (Army veterans)

Freikorps unhappy with TOV.Want Kaiser's return

The army refused to fire on the Freikorps

The Industrial workers of Berlin went on General strike.

Berlin was brought to a halt. No Power. No Transport.

Kapp fled. He was later caught and died whilst awaiting trial.

The rest of the rebels were unpunished by the judges.

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