German Vocab, alcohol and drugs

One word per card and an easy way to remember the vocab.

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die Droge



Sound out the word - very similar!

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Angst haben

to be afraid.

-anxiety/ anger have a similar meaning and look like the word

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Der Atem/ atmen

Breath/ to breathe

- think of the ancient egyptians eg atmenrah, they are not breathing anymore

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to give up

- geben means to give - think about giving a present to ben as in ge"ben"

- auf sounds like oww, so you want it to stop - giving up

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to stop

hören means to listen and imagine a policeman yelling STOP! at a burglar.

auf sounds like oww so you want it to stop

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der Aussenseiter


- seiter sounds like sider - part of out"sider"

aus - means out and it sounds like it too

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fühlen (sich)

to feel

fühlen sounds like full, imagine someone rubbing their belly saying "I feel full"

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- fähr sounds like far, think of somewhere far far away that might be dangerous!

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das Herz


- sounds like hurt and heartbreaks hurt

- Herz sounds like her's so think of a little girl wearing a pink heart T-shirt

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die Krankheit


-Krank sounds like cranky so when you are ill or tired you become iritable and cranky

- heit sounds like height so think of a tall hospital building where they treat illnesses.

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der Krebs


- Krebs sounds like a crab, and think of your horoscopes!! the symbol for cancer is a crab

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die Öffentlichkeit


- think ridiculous - "often you lick kites in public"

- often = Öffent

- lick = lich

-kite = keit

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