German unification

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  • Austrian War
  • Bismarck's diplomacy
  • Defeat of Austria
  • Prussian military strength
  • Prussian economic strength
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Austrian war

  • Austro-Prussian war 1859
  • Treaty of Prague - setting up North German Confederation, Austria now totally excluded from German affairs
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Bismarck's diplomacy

  • 1862, resolved constitutional crisis
  • Trusted by King
  • Led Prussia to victory in three wars
  • Manipulated Danish situation
  • Diplomacy used to ensure Russia did not get involved with war in France
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Defeat of Austria

  • Austria allowed Bismarck to make alliances with Russia and France, isolating Austria
  • Austria allowed Bismarck to engineer Treaty of Gastein (allowing Bismarck to declare war whenever he wanted)
  • Defeated twice in Italy in 1859
  • Lost Russia as a potential ally
  • No allies, verge of bankruptcy
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Prussian Military Strength

  • Economic strength of Prussia helped increase Prussian military strength
  • Roon's military reforms and resolved constitutional crisis
  • Prussia won three wars
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Prussian Economic Strength

  • Zollverein success
  • States joined for economic benefits
  • Not designed with intention of unification
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