George Danton (French Revolution)

These cards contain brief, concise notes about the polictical figure George Danton during the French Revolution 

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Information on Georges Danton

Born- 26th October 1759

Died- 5 April 1794 (age 34)

Political Party- Jacobin 

Georges Danton  (

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Information on Georges Danton

On 30 March, Danton, Desmoulins and others of the indulgent party were suddenly arrested. Danton displayed such a violent manner before the revolutionary tribunal that his enemies feared he would gain the crowd's favour. After this, in fear of the crowd being in favour for Danton, he was sent to the guillotine promptly. 

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Information on Georges Danton

Georges Danton rose to power following the Parisian revolt of August 10, 1792, against the monarchy and Legislative Assembly, it was enough to secure him the post of Minister of Justice in the new government.

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Information on Georges Danton

The execution of Danton and his closest followers was the greatest blunder of Robespierre's career. Although Danton didn’t have the same enthusiasm and power  that Robespierre was, the two men shared many of the same goals. Danton's death cost Robespierre his only possible remaining public ally

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Information on Georges Danton

Danton’s group (Cordeliers Club, one of the militant factions of the ex­treme Republicans) favoured ridding France of the monarchy. They achieved their purpose on Aug. 10, 1792, when they forced the legislative assembly to imprison Louis XVI. Danton, who is called "the Man of August l0th" because of his leadership in the movement to imprison Louis XVI, became minister of justice.

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Information on Georges Danton

Danton came from the north-eastern France, and at the time of the Revolution was lawyer in Paris. He was present at the storming of the Bastille, and in the early days of the Revolution served as a commander of his districts battalion of the National Guards 

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Information on Georges Danton

He was a Parisian lawyer, and became a leader of the Cordeliers early in the Revolution and gained popular favour through his powerful speeches

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Information on Georges Danton

He met Jean Paul Marat and Maximilien Robespierre, neither of whom he cared for, although he shared many short-term goals with them: namely harnessing the radicalized Paris mob to create a republic and push for radical reforms.

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Information on Georges Danton

He was accused of giving the orders for the September Massacres, but this has never been proven and the allegations remain weak.

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