George Orwell's Essays- Why I write (1st One)


The Main Points

Main Points of "Why I write" :

His childhood experiences of being lonely and he turned to writing

How his writing style developed and a comparison between his writing in the past and in the present

How his political views were shaped

Examination of the four main motives that make writers write

Consideration of the conflict between what readers want to read and what writers want to write

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The Tone

Tones of "Why I write" :

Regretful - about his previous writing Nostalgic - at the beginning Angry - that there is no perfect piece of writing out there Candid - open with his readership Enlightened - Has discovered his true way of writing Superior - He knows best the true way of writing 

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Orwell's Purpose

Purpose of "Why I write" : 

Justification of his writing and why it isn’t ‘perfect’ in his eyes To educate the reader about writers and the writing purpose Wants the reader to understand his writing, his aims, and experiences

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Exploration of Key Ideas

In this essay, Orwell Explores the following ideas: 

That he struggles to control the writing urge That writers write for sheer egoism and that early experiences have a great impact on their writing That the experience of war changed his writing

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Useful Quotes to Learn

Useful Quotes to Learn:

"Understanding of the nature of Imperialism"

"The more one is conscious of one's political bias, the more chance one has of acting politically"

"I write it because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention"

"Good prose is like a window pane"

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