Geography Unit 2: Rural Rebranding

These are the types of research that can be undertaken to find out why Rebranding has taken place in Denby's Doking, Surrey.

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  • Type-
  • Justifcation- Website shows the prices, services availaiable and history
  • Limitaion- Biased as it only shows the attracctins that will draw customers in
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Textual Evidence

  • Type- Song by Steve Knighlty
  • Justifcation- lists the negative effects of rich people moving into the area
  • Limitaion- Subjective as it is exagerated and only shows one viewpoint, also it is hard to relate as the song is about Devon
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  • Type-
  • Justifcation- Shows evidence of different peoples viewpoints
  • Limitaion- Subjective as we don't know who uploaded it and the reliability of the source.
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Leaflets and Posters

  • Type- Leaflets and Posters
  • Justifcation- Descibes Denbies services
  • Limitaion- Subjective as it only attracts the consumers to their services
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  • Type-
  • Justifcation- Information about the local people and area.
  • Limitaion- Data may be old and only contains the general facts which may be hard to correltae to denby
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Ariel Photographs from Website

  • Type-
  • Justifcation- compares the land use
  • Limitaion- Can't see the whole area and if printed you cannot zoom to see detail
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