Geography Unit 2: Rural Rebranding

These cards are about the Rural Rebranding Case study of Denbies Dorking, Surrey.

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Field Sketch

  • Type- Field Sketch
  • Method- Draw picture of the scenery with annotations of certain key features.
  • Justifcation- evaluate if Denby's Vineyard fits into the scenery.
  • Limitaion- viewpoints are subjective and different to others.
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Non Participant Observation

  • Type- Non Participant Observation (stalking)
  • Method- Looked and listened to peoples conversations
  • Justifcation- Truthful views about the area
  • Limitaion- May hear the wrong thing
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Service Analysis

  • Type- Service Analysis
  • Method- wrote the various types of services availiable
  • Justifcation- See how the types of services encourage people to come to the area
  • Limitaion- Limited to the times of year
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Photographic Evidence

  • Type- Photographic Evidence
  • Method- took pictures of certain areas
  • Justifcation- Large number of digital pictures can be held
  • Limitaion- Can be subjective and take pictures of the areas that want to be seen
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Sphere of Influence

  • Type-  Sphere of Influence
  • Method- Talleyed the types and numbers of cerrtain acars
  • Justifcation- See how far people traved to come to Denby's
  • Limitaion- Could have bought the care from somewhere else or have private number plates.
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