Geography - Tourism


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mass tourism

advantages -

  • creats jobs for locals
  • construction jobs because of hotels ect
  • money spent in the area, local economy goes up
  • hotels owned by local people profits go to them

disadvantages -

  • tourists use resources locals need
  • jobs are seasonal, wont be there in the winter
  • environmant can be damaged, pollution congestion
  • culture lost
  • most hotels are ugly and poor quality
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mass tourism in an LEDC

cultural tourism - learning about a places history and people

can exploit locals for example kenyan tribes native dance are performed to tourists

can have impact on the environment 

  •   pollution from cars planes
  • hotels being created ruin the natural beauty
  • congestion on the roads

there has been a large increase in the number of tourists throughout years and this could effect the environment

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eco tourism

this is tourism on a small scale

it is to educate the tourist about a places culture and environment

the hotels are small and fit into the scenery

food comes from local farmers so money goes to them

boost a local economy without ruining the environment

to provide funds for ecological conservation

Respects local culture

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Coastal resorts - blackpool

inprovements needed all the time to keep tourists interested for example Pleasure beach in blackpool has to open new rides ect.

unreliability of the weather being good means coastal resorts need to create indoor activites for tourists to use.

there is a threat of tourists going to holidays abroad because of the good weather there.

blackpool needs to keep to tourists interested to make sure local people dont lose jobs and for money to keep coming into the resort

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