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pride in India- improving squatter settlements

  • aims: stop urbanisation by improving rural life  education and support for people in shanties  
  • education- trained teachers and built 2 new schools  
  • health and nutrition- 200 toilet blocks built over 35 villages and vitamins given to children  
  • economic cdevelopment- children living far from school given bicycles  
  • community development- youth clubs teach practical skills 
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Kiberia- access to services in LEDC

  • over 300,000 people have HIV/AIDS
  •  46 yrs is average life expectancy  
  • 80% of people are unemployed  
  • government: provide no services, sewers, running water, schoolc, hospitals, roads or rubbish 
  • collection services provided by private companies who charge use- toilets, water... 
  • houses are 3m by 3m house 5  
  • people want and need... formal jobs, education, good shops and free access to basic services  better housing - materials and space  electricity and privacy 
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Mexico urbanisation

  • push factors: low living standards, wages and basic needs  unhygienic conditions and poor building materials 
  •  pull factors:  employment, higher wages and seasonal employment 
  • problems: border patrol, dangerous desert area to cross 1-2 million people try to cross border each year  
  • racial issues between mexicans and americans  
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Thurston- counterurbanisation

  • benefits of growth: more services, supermarkets, jobs, customers to small businesses services run more often and are better  
  • drawbacks of growth: habitats destroyed noise, litter and air pollution increase and crime rate  green belt used up 
  • things leading to development: push factors in CBD  transport and easier access out of area larger community 
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burgess model and growth- Ipswich urban developmen

  • location: largest settlement in suffolk , 70 miles from London, near major port of felixstowe  
  • A12, A14 and railways are nearby - close to sea (english channel) and orwell estuary  good 
  • accessibilty- sea links, roads links, rialway links  pop. grown from 1940 to 1970, 121,000 (peak) then decreased due to counter-urbanisation  
  • growth in industry and settlements on suburbs due to business parks like ransomes and copdock development in housing 
  •  refurbishments of old victorian buildings and housing and flats on brown field sites since 1991 
  • retail cardinal park transition zone brownfield site- cineworld, superstores, park and ride, CBD pedestrainised in 1992 -£900,000 business and industrial 
  •  sites extended- ransomes europark, victorian industrial zone wants to be redeveloped into CBD - flat land encourages modern enterprises   
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access to services in city and regeneration- Leice

  • Leicester has recently undergone a redevelopment process. 
  • The area was suffering from deprivation in a variety of ways.  
  • Social exclusion was noticeable, for women and ethnic minorities.   
  • workforce was lacking skills.  In order to tackle this, and attract investment, a rebranding scheme was initiated.
  •  Waterfront development began, to attract sophisticated restaurants and shops along the river.   
  • Economically, a new business quarter was set up – creating 4000 jobs.
  •   Community schools and a joint retail zone were also aspects of the new plan.
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changing services in city - sheffield, south yorks

  • meadowhall shopping centre built in 1990- 280 shops lots of parking and visitors  
  • shops in sheffield declined due to movement to shopping centre  
  • 15% trade loss due to this move 
  •  fewer shops in rural areas due to increase in transport to meadowhall  
  • sheffield trying to fight back- redevelop, improve parking, reduce crime 
  •  services location have changed due to  improved transport links  more out of town shopping centres- space, cheap cost, on-site parking  
  • larger retail shops and larger chain stores provide cheaper prices in shopping centre compared to small boutique retail shops selling at higher cost 
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