Geography- Rivers

These are revision cards for GCSE geography. They are on theme 1 : Rivers :)

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The Hydrological cycle

The hydrological cycle has 3 main parts-

  • The Sea
  • Land and
  • the atmosphere.

Its is a closed system ! This is because there are no inputs ( water going in) and no outputs (water going out). It all just continues in one big cycle.

The water flows between different parts of the cycle but can also be stored on land.

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Water transfers ( or flows)

Water moves from one place to another in many different ways, these are called transferes or flows.

INFILTRATION- when water socks into the soil.

PERCOLATION- the vertical movement of water down soil or rocks.

THROUGHFLOW-the flow of water in soil downhill.

GROUNDWATER FLOW-the flow of water through rock downhill.

SURFACE RUNOFF-the transfer of water overground.

CHANNEL FLOW- the flow of water down rivers.

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Water stores

Water is held in stores on land

  • CHANNEL STORAGE- when water is held in a river.
  • GROUNDWATER STORAGE- when water is stored underground in soil or rock. ( a rock that stores water is called an aquifer, e.g. chalk).                         
  • INTERCEPTION STORAGE- when water lands on vegetation and doesnt hit the ground.
  • SURFACE STORAGE- when water is held in things like lakes, reservoires and puddles.
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