Geography Population Key Definitions


Net Migration Rate

This is the difference in numbers of in-migrans and out-migrants in a given area 

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Natural Change

This is the change in size of a population caused by the balance of births and deaths, FOR EVERY 100 PEOPLE. (This does not take into consideration impact of migration)

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Infant Mortality Rate

The number of deaths of infants in a year, before their first birthday, FOR EVERY 1000 LIVE BIRTHS

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Life Expectancy

The amount of years that a person in a given population can usually expect to live. It is normally broken down in to gender because females tend to live longer than males. 

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Population Density

The amount of people that live in a given area, usually expressed as square KM

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Fertility Rate

The average number of children expected to be born to a women, providing that she survives from birth right the way thorugh to the end of her reproductive life. 

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Birth Rate

The number of births in a year, PER 1000 POPULATION 

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Death Rate

The number of deaths in a year, PER 1000 POPULATION

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