Geography - Population Change

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Key Terms

Demographic Transition Model

Population Pyramids

China's One Child Policy

Kerala's Population Policy

Indonesia Tranmigration Policy

EU Migration

Mexico To USA Migration

France Population Structure Control

Sweden Population Structure Control

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Key Terms

Population                All of the people or animals who live in a particular country or place.

Population Density   The average number of people per square kilometre (km).

Population Increase An increase in the number of people or animals in a particular country or place.

Ageing Population   Where the average age of a population increases.

 Natural Increase When the death rate is higher tan the birth rate.

Migration Balance   The number of people leaving an area and the number of people entering the grounds of an area.

Internal Migration    Migrating between the same area.

Birth Rate                Number of people who are born in an area per 1,000, per year.

Death Rate              Number of people who die in an area per 1000 per year.

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Key Terms

Life Expectancy      The average age at which a country's citizens are likely to die.

Infant Mortality        The death of a child under 1 year of age.

Zero Growth            Where no increase in population takes place as the birth and death rates are exacly eaqual.

Infrastructure          The basic facilities, services and installations that are needed for the basic fuinction of society.

LEDC                       Less economically developed country.

MEDC                     More economically developed country.

NIC                         Newly industrialised country.

TNC                        Trans-National Co-Operation e.g. WAL*MART

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Hi just letting you know that Natural Increase is when the birth rate is higher than the death rate, not the other way around. 

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