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Reasons fo LEDC Pop. Pyramid Shape


High Birth Rate:

  • Tradition to have larger families
  • More to look after them when elderly
  • High infant mortality rate
  • Needed for labour
  • Little education
  • Little contraception

High Death Rate:

  • Poor health care
  • Famine
  • Poor hygiene
  • War
  • Poor water supply
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Reasons fo MEDC Pop. Pyramid Shape


Low Birth Rate:

  • More contaception
  • Women waiting longer to have children to persue a career
  • Lower mortality rate

Low death rate:

  • Better health care 
  • Pensions
  • Carers
  • Better hygiene
  • Baby boom in 1940s
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MEDC dis + advantages

MEDCs - Ageing Population

Advantages        Disadvantages

- Voluntary workers - burden for young to look after them

- Businesses flourish - spend governments money:
  pensions, transport, healthcare
- Childcare

- Increased job opertunities in health - Strain on housing

LEDCs - Young Population


- not enough food to feed everyone
- overcrowding causing disease to spread more quickly

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China - Case Study - Controlling Population


Late Long and Few - Have children later and longer gaps between them. Fertility rate fell, but population still growing

One Child Policy - 
If you only have one child: longer maternity leave, better housing, free education

If you have more than one child: fined part of income, no benefits

Changes: Rural areas - more than one if first born is a girl or has a disability

If both parents are only children/1 parent has a disability = can have 2 children

Migration Laws - tight migration laws so hardly any people migrate there and increase population 

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