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This is a set of revision cards which look at the case studies of Hurricane Nargis and Katrina

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Formation Of Hurricanes


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Hurricane Katrina, 2005


  • MEDC
  • In the Mississipi Delta
  • Mainly effected New Orleans, Lousiana,USA
  • By American standards the city was poor
  • In 2003 there was an estimated population of 469,032
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  • 23rd August, begins as a tropical depression over Bahamas, where ocean temps are 27 degrees or more
  • 24th August, depression intensifies and is upgraded up to a Tropical Storm
  • 25th August, strikes Florida, winds of 130 km/h, however it cools slightly and becomes less powerful
  • It is then channeled up through the gulf of Mexico, the warm waters intensify it into cat. 5, with winds of around 290km/h
  • When it hits lousiana it causes storm surges, bringing rain and gale force winds
  • 4th most powerful recorded in Atlantic
  • Self Perpetuating
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  • communications failed
  • major roads damaged
  • 1000 people killed
  • Sanitary levels fell
  • Affected oil production: stopped for 6months, destroyed platforms and refinaries


  • Levees failed - built only to stop cat.3
  • Rupture of defences caused millions of gallons to spill into the city
  • Flooded businesses and housesw with 10ft
  • Storm surges breached defences in 20 places
  • Thefts
  • Carjacking
  • Many poorer people couldn't get out
  • FEMA tried to provide food and water and help with rent
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Cylone Nargis, Burma, LEDC

  • near India, in asia, warm seas
  • Wealth - 10-20% of world average
  • 30-40% of pop have a safe water supply
  • 10-25% of pop are illiterate
  • health care - 10 -50 doctors per 100000 people
  • 10-50 of every 100 people are employed in agriculture
  • low lying delta area
  • lss of mangroves to produce prawn farming, takes away a layer of protection
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  • The cyclone started as a tropical storm, due to the warm seas
  • similarly to hurricane katrina, it was intensified by the bay of bengal
  • The tidal surge was up to 12ft high
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Short Term

  • death
  • loss of homes
  • no food or water
  • sickness
  • wet, raining, muddy,
  • 95% of homes destroyed
  • powerlines down
  • roads destroyed
  • coastal areas flooded

Long Term Effects

  • Homeless
  • Long time to rebuild
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  • 7 day rations provided
  • bedding and clothing
  • Forein aid was eventually let in but too little too late for many
  • water purifying
  • international doctors brought in
  • aid sent form UN

Umanitarian disaster

  • military government wouldn't allow aid in
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