Geography: Migration

revision cards on migration

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What is migration?

Migration is the movement of people from one place to another.

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What is a migrant?

A migrant is a person who moves from one country to another for economic or personal reasons.

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What is source country and host country?

Source country - the country that a migrant comes from.

Host country - the country that a migrant goes to.

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What is an economic migrant and a seasonal migrant

Economic migrant - people who move away from poorer areas to gain access to better jobs and wages.

Seasonal migrant - someone who moves for seasonal work then leaves.

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Types of Migration

Voluntary - people choose to move for better jobs and higher wages.

Forced - people who have to move or they'll face extreme hardship, persecution and even death.

Temporary - seasonal migrants: they then go home when the picking season ends.

Permanent - people who move and dont return home.

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Migration - push factors

Push factors: things that force people to leave their own country.

-not enough jobs

-low wages

-poor healthcare

-poor educational opportunities

-war with another country

-drought and famine

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Migration - pull factors

Pull factors: things that attract people to a new country.

-hope of finding a job

-higher wages

-better healthcare

-chance of better education

-a better standard of living

-family and friends may have moved there already

-lower levels of crime and safety from conflict. 

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Mr. Pittaway


You could have mentioned that the pull factors are mainly POSITIVE and the push factors are generally NEGATIVE

Megan Chance


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