Geography: Map Skills

Map skills (broken down for Malaysians) YEAR 7. Other users are allowed to use it.

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What's the number (grid reference) of my place?

Finding a grid reference is easy. A OS (ordnance survey) map looks like any average map, except that it has grids that are numbered all over the map.

A similar grid reference system is used all over the world- longitudes and latitudes. An easy way I learnt from my teacher is get an atlas and look at its index, all the numbers are there: it's the matter of finding the country.

The Royal Mail in Britain uses postcodes (like Malaysia, example: 47500, the only difference is they use a mixture of letters and numbers, for example: Y018RX) This is to help with identification and sorting of mail.

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To read grid references (4 figure) you must read the EASTINGS -----> (the row of numbers at the bottom then the NORTHINGS (the row of numbers at the side of the OS map) They look like this. (This is taken from an OS map of York, York)

Let's say that I am locating a place called the Minster. The 4 figure grid reference is :


To read grid references (6 figures) you must read it like this:


The yellow 4 figures are measured first, then, you can draw 10 boxes in the grid to identify the last green two numbers. Remember EASTINGS ------> then NORTHINGS.

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Field Sketching


1. Turn the art block or book landscape and draw a line 2/3 up the page.

2. Look for a place to do the field sketch! (Since we Malaysians only have more concrete jungles than forests, the view outside your classroom would be perfect.)

3. Look carefully at the beautiful view and decide on the limits of your sketch. Also, start drawing the key features IN THE CORRECT PLACES to provide a framework for your sketch.

4. Add detail to your sketch. Colour it and LABEL IT!

5. Use the OS map or normal map to help you label key features. Add a title: Add these to you title:

  • What it shows
  • Where you drew it from (include grid reference, if applicable)
  • The direction you were looking
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