Geography -Hurricane Katrina -Short Term Effects

these are the short them political impacts of Hurricane Katria in 2005

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short term political impacts

political impacts - short term

  • govt acted to slow and too little to help those who were stuck.
  • lack of community preparedness at a local scale
  • delayed reponses of the National Guard due to massive pressures 
  • werent ready for the level of flooding from levee breaching
  • USACE failed to protect against levee breech
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Environmental Impacts - short term

Environmental impacts - short term

  • majority of coastal Luisina wiped out from levee breech
  • coastal; marshlands failed to infiltrate floodwaters
  • failed to weaken the storm due to lack of vegetative store and ecosystems
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social impacts short term

short term effects - before Katrina
hurricane detected by sophisticated technology
NCH, NOAA under pressure to monitor and give out forecasts
they needed to give public awareness
helped to reduce vulnerability due to good CM techniques
released evacuation routes and other ways to protect homes etc.

Hurricane Katrina- short term impacts - SOCIAL

3 days before it hits, Mayor Nagin orders manditory evac
485K had to be moved out of the city
80% successfully fled - reduces the Vulnerability
20% stayed.
majority from Lower 9th
suffered from Multiple deprivation - especally mobility deprivation
govt didnt provide enough transport to help assissted evacuation
death toll 1800
food not Bombs Campaign by NGO's to help import food to those stranded
Common Ground Collective provided clean food, water, clothes.

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economic impacts - short term

  • oil production shuts down
  • rescue ops very difficult
  • had no fuel reserves to power vehicles
    • price of oil rockets to $70 a barrel
    • $500million oil lost
    • short term global increase in oil prices
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