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China - ONE child policy


  • China has the largest population - 1.3 billion.
  • 'One-child policy' introuduced in 1979, couples encourages to have only one child.


  • High birth rate
  • Overcrowing of citites
  • unemployment growth from 1.8& yo 2.9%
  • shortage of land, lack of access to water (1/4 of the world average)
  • 1.9% increasing population per year.


  • 2 child policy which didnt work so they introuduced 1 child policy
  • Benefits, longer maternity leave
  • better housing
  • access to free education, child care and healthcare
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China - ONE child policy CONTINUED.


  • Population growth rate decreased to 0.7%
  • fertility rate dropped from 5.7 in 1970 to 1.9
  • Women forced to have abortion, many forcible sterilised
  • Rurual couple want large families
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UK - Ageing Population


  • 16% of the population of the UK was over 65. by 1041 this could be 25%
  • Since 1970s, number of babies born has fallen


  • Working population isnt large enough to pay for pensions.
  • Taxes paid by people aren't enough to cover the costs of pensions
  • Health service is under pressure as older people need more medical care.
  • Elderly may not be ablt to transport themselves, walk or drive.
  • Elderly may be foreced to leave htier homes and go into old people homes or care workers.


  • Government has increased retirement age
  • Encourage immigration of young people to the UK - allowing immigration of people from countries that joined the EU in 2004. increasing number of people paying for taxes, helping to pay for pensions.
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UK - Ageing Population CONTINUED.

  • Making the houses suitable for the elderly to feel comfortable - easy use taps, plug etc..
  • Working for longer and delaying pension pay.
  • Encourave voluntary work
  • Privart bus sevices come and transport the elderly (diataride).


  • Money for retired people brings in 215 billion a year to the economy
  • Elderly do voluntary work, beneficial to the economy.
  • Mor companies providing for the elderly
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